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Can I take a vape on an airplane?

The popularity of e-smoking with each new day increases. Therefore, it is not surprising that sooner or later a variety of issues arise. The most important of them: How to carry a veip on a plane? After all, many of the starters of the couple make trips, and, of course, they want to take the beloved device with them.

On the question “Can I take a paper on an airplane?” The air carriers answer “Yes”. This device belongs to the category of electronics. Therefore, he is allowed to take on board the aircraft. Just keep in mind that the electronic gadget can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft, and not in the luggage compartment. At the same time, the restrictions are set on the number of transported devices. Transportation of electronic devices more than five, may cause questions from the customs.

The liquid for filling the device is allowed for transportation in the amount of 100 ml. To do this, you need to pack a bottle with dressing in a plastic bag. If you do not plan to lead another liquid substance, then the volume of refueling can increase to 1 liter. However, before departure from an air carrier it is better to specify in addition the rules governing the transportation of electronic cigarettes and liquids to them.

Smoking an electronic cigarette on board an airliner is prohibited. This is due to the fact that smokers of traditional cigarettes may have an acute desire to do the same – to smoke an ordinary cigarette. And this is strictly prohibited in the cabin of the plane.

So, realizing if you can carry a vape on the plane, bravely pack the gadget, going on a long trip or travel.