Pod System

Battle of the PODS SYSTEM! OVNS vs. Fogg vs. Juul!

Best PODS SYSTEM 2018 –  OVNS vs. Fogg vs. Juul!

I don’t know really that’s some of the stuff, I had to tell you and we have a few contenders here today people a couple Of really new neat ones as far as pods go. You know kind of over pods at this point but there’s a couple of neat ones In here. We’re gonna review it all and really at this point.


First up people we got the JUUL don’t really need to tell you too much about it. Everybody knows about it’s only here For reference that’s it’s so popular


FOGG VAPE – Disposable Pod Device:

Next up we got the fogg vape disposable pod device and though these things are pretty cool. I’ve heard of them this is My first time really using them but it’s 50 MG Nicotine.

I’m not sure the capacity but these are disposable none rechargeable just chunk them. when you’re done little pods. We’re supposed to get approximately 300 puffs off of them. They got 50 Mg Nicotine in about 7 different flavors. You can choose from that little set up you get a three pack of them.

FOGG VAPE - Disposable Pod Device:

OVNS JC01 – Ultra Portable Pod System:

The ovn JC01 oh one that’s a fucking name. it’s a 400-ML battery Micro USB rechargeable. That can take JUUL pods and a couple other little pods. it’s kind of cool it’s kind of different.

But not least people we have the OVNS Duo those things crazy this is a 400 ma dual pod system you can have two different flavors two different pods right and it comes with three pilots.

OVNS JC01 - Ultra Portable Pod System

Winner of the…………………. Best POD System?

Complete Analysis From VAPERANKZ TEAM:

Talk about all these right and then I’m gonna tell you my winner of all these all right first to start with to JUUL That the juul. This thing has been a problematic for there for the whole vape scene in total, I mean I don’t know how much of his really juul far lot of it’s out of their hands. but I’ve heard some things,  I’ve heard some things but as far as the big device goes you know it.

Still begs pretty good it kind of started the old Nick salt craze and everything but I feel in this day and age even though it. is the most popular they got flavors knowledge stuff 0.7 ml pods and stuff even all that stuff there’s better pods out nowadays, but still it’s okay. If it helps people quit smoking.

I guess it’s still just a lot of trouble associated with this name now this FOGG thing from vape fiend is really cool. This is neat like this is the whole idea of a disposable little pod, So I’m not sure the capacity it’s a pretty good size I’m not sure the battery capacity. I’m not sure the liquid capacity.

They are they’re always kind of vague on a lot of these pods, But yeah man 300 puffs. I’m vaping on purple berry right now 300 puffs. When it’s done you don’t recharge. You’ll just throw it away three packs of them for 15 bucks. it’s kind of neat it’s kind of a neat concept and it actually makes pretty decent – I enjoyed this flavor yeah this purple berry. it’s a really good flavor these things are cool. it’s really just really really neat for people. Who don’t want to invest or go –

How are you sucking Chuck the bubble. I think that’s pretty neat. know this JC01 which what’s up with that name no No what really thing with that name it’s a cool-looking little device. it’s a neat little thing use pop a little jewel pot or Whatever in it. You going about your business it’s a it’s so damn tiny and flat I don’t like.

It just because look you got a little LED indicator on the front. When you pop your pod back in and it comes with a empty juul pod. You can fill it with your own liquid. This little guy’s kind of neat. It’s so fucking tiny so inconspicuous yeah that’s a juul pod oh yeah pretty cool.

USB rechargeable so let’s say I want to bake on something pretty. It’s good right you don’t want to flip it around and get something a little dessert. I think that’s really awesome the whole concept of that now only I’m disappointed about it’s cool that it’s dual pod. I like they got little indicators on the positive selves but 400ml.