Atomizer Low - How to solve a problem
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Atomizer Low – How to solve a problem

You got yourself a new boxmod with a board and all sorts of protections, but that’s not the problem, the mod gives an error called “Atomizer low”. What does it mean? Now we’ll find out.

So, the error Atomizer low is probably not complete, because because of the small screens on the boxmode, there is no way to show the whole inscription, which means “Atomizer low resistance”. Here you can already understand that we have a deal with what was screwed onto your electronic cigarette.

The reasons for the error can be varied:

1) As the life situation shows, most often this is due to low winding resistance. Read on the official website what is the minimum resistance supported by your board, then rewind the coils, until you reach the desired resistance. To measure the final resistance, you can use Tab 521 or a coil calculator.

2) Bad contact of the atomizer with the box mode is also the cause of this error. To solve it, try to check the contacts on the atomizer and the electronic cigarette, which they call “Pin.” After this, the error may disappear.

3) Does not see the atomizer. If the previous items do not fit, then you are dealing with a bad installation of coils in the atomizer, namely with poorly clamped screws, check the degree of their curl. Coils should be tightly sandwiched between the racks, otherwise the resistance will be displayed with great distortion, which in the end will cause an error.

4) And finally, if all of the above did not solve your problem, then there is only one option – the problem in the motherboard itself. If your atomizer is working properly on any other device, then your board is just buggy.