A Guide to the World of Electronic Cigarettes
electronic cigarettes

A Guide to the World of Electronic Cigarettes

Mini: electronic cigarettes-simulators

For beginners and those who come to wipe through traditional cigarettes, ectomorphs, or simulators of conventional cigarettes – an ideal choice for the first wipe. In addition to the fact that they are externally indistinguishable from traditional ones, such electronic cigarettes are reminiscent of ordinary cigarettes and feel like they are steamy. In addition, they are small, light, discreet in design (timeless classics), available (relatively cheap and, in addition to the vape-shops, are often sold in ordinary stores along with traditional cigarettes).

However, often these cigarettes are disposable or designed for short-term rock service. They have less charge, which means they will have to be recharged more often. Also, electronic simulators have fewer opportunities for experiments with jusses and add-ins. In other words, it is unlikely that this device will be customized – by and large, it is not intended for this purpose. But this is the ideal entry point into the Wyper world to test your feelings and form requests in the future.


– the most organic transition from smoking to soaring;

– small and light;

– classical design;

– availability.


– Less work time (need to recharge more often);

– a smaller variety of sensations;

– less opportunities for customization.

Mini: electronic cigarettes-simulators

Mid-size: Vape Pens

For more sophisticated steamers and those who are already a little oriented in what awaits from the wipe, there is a mid-size model of vape devices, about the size of a cigar. They give more thick steam and hold the charge longer. Such models are often recommended for smokers “with experience,” since they give a more tangible effect from hovering than ectomorphs. Probably the most famous and popular model of mid-size is eGo, nicknamed steamers in Russia, “his ears.”

Unlike electronic cigarettes, mid-size wap-devices have both automatic and manual control, most – manual with a single button.


– are relatively small;

– thicker steam;

– long keep the battery charge;

– An adequate price;

– greater pleasure from soaring.


– More in size than regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes-simulators;

– often require manual control (by pressing one button);

– Limited opportunities for customization

Vape Pens

Advanced level: Fashion

Advanced level involves the use of individually designed devices or mods. Often externally, the mod looks like an enlarged Zippo lighter – it’s a massive rectangular casing (the size of a pack of cigarettes and more) or a tube that allows you to place a large capacity battery, as well as additional features that allow you to soar for longer, thicker and according to your favorite preferences : add tanks, dosimeters, devices for controlling the supply of steam, etc.

Perhaps the most important advantage of fashion in front of other types of wap-devices is an extended working life due to the larger battery capacity. However, to really enjoy the hover with this device, you can only have some experience in a wave – the beginner is unlikely to appreciate and will be able to use all the possibilities of such a device. In addition, for beginners, fashion seems complicated and difficult.

VapeLab recommends purchasing fashion in specialized wap-clubs, where you can consult with professionals and test the device before buying.


– the thickest steam;

– extended battery life;

– the longest service life among devices;

– Cool design;

– advanced functional;

– virtually unlimited possibilities for customization.


– can be very expensive;

– additional care for the battery is necessary;

– manual control.

vape Fashion