simple rules for vaping in public places
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3 simple rules for vaping in public places

Most non-smoking people, far from the vepe culture, believe that Vaping is such a way to circumvent the legal prohibitions on smoking in public places. VapeRankz has collected three simple rules, using which you can forever forget about the judging views and soar at your pleasure, wherever you are.

1. Do not ignore the discontent of others – ask for permission

Many vapers, taking a vaping in public places and facing thus with discontent of associates, simply turn away and pretend that no one is near and there. Once the steam is not limited by legislation, they say, and this is not smoking, they do not need approval from the people around them. But psychological pressure is something that is difficult to measure. And even more so the vaping under condemning sights is not converted into pleasure. What to do? The way out is very simple: just ask for permission.

Moreover, the question: “Do you not mind if I get a little pop?” – can arouse a keen interest of the interlocutor who is unfamiliar with the theme of flying altogether. Of course, this is not the most original way of acquaintance or attracting like-minded people, but politeness has never gone out of fashion.

3 simple rules for vaping in public places

2. Be discreet and respectful

Are you going to get in a restaurant or office? Leave the high-voltage box at home, take with you something simpler. Chit chatting is a great entertainment in the vape Club, but colleagues at work can misunderstand you. In addition, the simpler devices are less noticeable, the classic shape and discreet appearance of the device will not attract additional undesirable attention to you.

Even though hovering is not tantamount to smoking and is not practically restricted by legislation, there are places to soar in – at least strange. For example, a supermarket or a cinema hall.

It is not so difficult to show respect for others and choose a place for hovering. Especially today, when there are many specialized Vape clubs, such as VapeRankz. Here you can both have fun and drink coffee, and discuss with like-minded people the latest news and novelties of the vape culture. Not to mention the fact that professional consultants will help you find everything you need or try new Juices.

3. Be ready to teach and explain

With a head immersed in the wake culture, we must not forget that most of the people around you do not know your hobbies, features and chips. For many, box modes generally look like gadgets from the future. Be ready to explain and teach: what device is in your hand, what it is needed for and what it gives.

Perceive ignorance of the interlocutor not as its short-sightedness, but as an opportunity to open the world of a veypa to someone else. Who knows, perhaps you will find like-minded people.

rules for vaping in public places